Maintenance Services

We are committed to helping you get the best out of your system long after the installation is complete. We’re always available for any questions about how to use or adjust the system.

For anything else, three levels of maintenance contract are available to our customers

Call out – when we will service a breakdown.


Service agreement – regular check-ups.


Service agreement with call out – covering you for routine maintenance and emergencies.

If you suspect the heating or control system you already have in place is not functioning correctly or if it’s simply out of warranty then some electrical or control adjustments may be required. Even if you’ve simply got no idea what happened to the manual, give us a call.


We’re happy to check over any system and make sure it is correctly commissioned & programmed to give you maximum comfort, convenience and energy reduction at minimum expense.


If your system is older and less efficient but the budget won’t stretch to a major replacement project, there are still inexpensive and minor changes that can be made to help you get more out of the equipment you already have.


We also undertake troubleshooting tasks, such as the redesign of controls that have historically affected plant reliability and the refurbishment of older systems to help bring them to a more efficient and modern standard.